Greetings to all!
We live on a small island Santorini. Finally we have decided to visit Dubai. Our friends have told us a lot about it. While on Santorini there is no almost work to do - now there few tourists and almost everything is closed. We departed to Dubai from Athens and we were invited by one friend of us in Parliament of Athens.
I have made this photo from the window of Parliament. It is the hotel Grande Bretagne.

When I'll have more money, I will stay there sometimes for sure!
Dubai it is certainly very tremendous city. It has literally grown on the sand. It is almost the same if you'll go on the Moon. And you will see in front of you an amazing city.

With huge buildings you will not surprise anyone any more, but here for example all roads are only for automobile machines, for cargo are constructed separate roads - with this you can be surprised for sure! Here it is felt, that all is made by a principle - at us will be the most the most. And the highest building will be in Dubai. And the most expensive 7* hotel will be here also.

Surprised us also and local population too. It seems that they do nothing. Go shopping and sit in the hotels. Visitors, from other countries work here. They still build. Basically most of the workers are from India. Certainly we could not see everything, but on photos much is visible!

Grecian Sands Hotel Ayia Napa
Sandy Beach Hotel Larnaca
Sunrise Hotel Protaras
Alexander The Great Beach Hotel Paphos
Sun Hall Hotel Larnaca
Capo Bay Hotel
Forest Park Hotel Troodos